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Which supplements are recommended to start with to awaken your potential?

We suggest Optimum tablets in the morning as the first course of action for those that want to enhance their natural abilities to experience their day in a more focused and joyful manner. It allows for creative thinking and strategizing as well as bringing the body and mind functions to natural order. Aiding you to reach your optimal potential. Together with this we suggest Continuum tablets for the night. A great aid in sleeping properly and increasing the quality of sleep as well as the quality of “dream time”. Continuum works together with Optimum to develop the connections for new neuro-networks. The properties of these two supplements that pertain to Serotonin and Melatonin also complement the effects of the other..

When is the best time to take the cactus tablets?

It is best to take the cactus tablets first thing in the morning with breakfast. It is best to follow the same routine every day with taking your tablets if possible, at least for the first month (for example, drink a whole glass of water or orange juice with the tablet). This routine will later help your body to recognize the moment and your body will associate the routine (for example glass of water or juice) with taking the tablet. Later you will take less and less of the tablets or liquids and even later your body will produce its own natural constituents, instead of getting it from the product. This is the aim after all, natural EVOLUTION.

What is the difference between the different cactus tablets?

There are many different species of medicinal cactus. After decades of research we have chosen the ones that have the most medicinal and preventative qualities. The cactus in our tablets are from the same family, in various stages of maturity and hand selected from different areas, for the qualities that the different products offer.

What is the difference between the different cactus concentrates?

These are also from different types of cactus from the same family, prepared with different recipes and with different concentrations.

My stomach feels a little queasy after taking the Equilibrium tablets. Is this normal?

It is important that you do eat before taking any of the cactus tablets. It is also very important that you drink sufficient water during the morning and day. Your body may be going through an adjustment period where it is adjusting itself to absorbing the specific beneficial compounds of the tablets. Also drink a glass of water when taking your tablet in the morning.

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