Virtual Retreat Kung Fu Class

R 665.00


  • 1 x 60 min Kung Fu class (no experience needed)


Are you looking to find purpose in this time and deepen your understanding of how to access your body and mind's potential? 

Join Armando for 

Kung Fu classes

The Art of Longevity

 - with a middle way practice of Chiqong, Kung Fu and Tai Chi -

Armando is holder of the Lung Huy Kung Fu lineage and Shuang Fa where you can trace the masters all the way back to the Red Guard of the last Chinese Emperor.

Members of this Red Guard fled China and ended up in Peru where they started teaching in Lima’s China Town. Armando has trained there since the age of 7 years old.


Kung Fu Classes 1 hour

Kung Fu, Chiqong and Tai Chi are for expanding mind and practicing qualities like calmness, meditative concentration, endurance and perseverance.  Opening the energy channels of the body for life force to flow and so enhancing longevity.

Martial arts will help to develop the capacity of the body. The quality of your daily mindfulness can be improved as your “bodysuit” improves and the mind functions better with practicing coordination and oxygenation.

Classes are Live and Interactive with feedback 

There are various time slots available for group classes and we consider all time zones.

Private classes available per request.

Please email us here for more information on time-slots and pricing of private classes.

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