Continuum and Transforming Consciousness

For the modern scientist, the transitional states of sleeping, dreaming and dying lie at the forefront of research in cognitive science, neurology and psychology, and for the Practitioner these same states represent crucial opportunities to transform consciousness itself.

Most scientists agree that sleep has significant benefits for learning and memory. Emerging evidence suggests that sleep also serves as a reset button, loosening neural connections throughout the brain to put this organ back in a state in which learning can take place.

In a provocative new theory about the purpose of sleep, neuroscientists suggests that this may in fact be a mechanism for enhancing the brain’s capacity to encode and store new information.

Dreaming is an extension of our everyday awake awareness. A lucid dream is a dream in which the dreamer is actively aware that they are dreaming while the dream is happening. With practice one can learn to manipulate both the environment and the narrative of the dreamscape.

We normally experience the dream condition as illusory. When we discover this for ourselves within the dream, the immense power of this realization can eliminate obstacles related to conditioned vision. For this reason, dream practice is very important for liberating us from old habitual tendencies. We need this powerful assistance in particular because the emotional attachments, conditioning, and ego confusion which compose our normal life have been strengthened over many, many years and we need moments to let go of these.

From a neurological standpoint there is no discernable difference between the experience of dreaming and wakefulness. This means that active visualisations during lucid dreaming can benefit you in your waking life, which offers the potential to heal both the mind and body.

Once we have fully stabilised our lucid dreaming practice we have a great opportunity for consciousness practice within the dream state. And as our dream body is unhindered by the physical constraints and limitations of our waking body our practice has the potential to reach new heights.

In our experience Continuum can aid one in activating your potential in your sleep – and dream states and carry this into your everyday wakeful life. More developed powers of concentration and consciousness can allow for realization of the dreamlike nature of things in the dream state, allowing one to alter one’s perception of the normal states of everyday life. This can allow one to change one’s awareness of the way that we perceive reality as such.

Continuum can act like a neuroprocessor that initiates neuroplasticity and neurogenesis, having potential to change the whole landscape of your neurological pathways. It can deliver most important brain biochemicals and neurotransmitters (eg. Melatonin) and regulates natural sleep patterns, alleviates insomnia and is a powerful immunity booster.

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