It is very important to understand what we are actually doing. For this it is a must to believe that we can create neural connections full of limitless possibilities and mindful intentionality. There are very important documentaries on the subject matter, where Quantum Communications, The Living Matrix, Quantum Activist and the Spirit Molecular are a must watch.

For the modern scientist, the transitional states of sleeping, dreaming and dying lie at the forefront of research in cognitive science, neurology and psychology, and for the Practitioner these same states represent crucial opportunities to transform consciousness itself.

Most scientists agree that sleep has significant benefits for learning and memory. Emerging evidence suggests that sleep also serves as a reset button, loosening neural connections throughout the brain to put this organ back in a state in which learning can take place.

Your Mind Creates 
You actually have a tremendous amount of control over how your genetic traits are expressed, by changing your thoughts and altering your diet and your environment. 

But can Epigenetics change our Reality? 
We are NOT controlled by genes like computer programs are controlled by code. Genes are a biological tendency for expression. Changing our state of Consciousness can influence, or even change completely the tendency for expression. 

"By accessing Quantum Consciousness one has access to Information in the Quantum Field and can design one's Future with Mindful Intentionality."

The Unfolding of Being has to be understood by a basic analog relation between the “Conscious Being” and the “Quantum Being”. In short, we are a Conscious Being and a Quantum Being, where sometimes we behave as particles and sometimes like Waves of Limitless Possibilities.

Organic Intelligence

The Organic Intelligence range of products is a unique collection of supplements that are full of organic Information.
We use it with preventative action and evolution in mind.
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