Epigenetics Made Easy

Your Mind Creates 
You actually have a tremendous amount of control over how your genetic traits are expressed, by changing your thoughts and altering your diet and your environment. 

But can Epigenetics change our Reality? 
We are NOT controlled by genes like computer programs are controlled by code. Genes are a biological tendency for expression. Changing our state of Consciousness can influence, or even change completely the tendency for expression. 

In simplified terms, epigenetics is the study of biological mechanisms that will switch genes on and off. But what does that mean?

Cells get their instructions of what to do from DNA. DNA is made up of nucleotide bases. The sequence, or the order, of these bases is what determines our Genes, which in turn provide instructions on how to make complex molecules. These moelcules trigger various biological actions to carry out our life functions.

Epigenetics, essentially, affects how genes are read by cells, and subsequently how they produce proteins.

Epigenetics Controls Genes.
Certain circumstances in life can cause genes to be turned off (becoming dormant) or turned on (becoming active).

Epigenetics Is Everywhere.
What you eat, where you live, who you interact with, when you sleep, how you exercise, even aging – all of these can eventually cause chemical modifications around the genes that will turn those genes on or off over time.

Epigenetics Is Reversible.
What will be the result of the different combinations of genes being turned on or off? If we could reverse the gene’s state to keep the good while eliminating the bad… then the implications are enormous.

Every time you have a thought – You make a chemical in your body. If you have positive thoughts, you will create chemical reactions in your body that will make you feel good. And if you have negative thoughts, you will end up feeling down. Feeling becomes the means of thinking. So now the mind is immersed in the body. You are not thinking as a mind and conscious being now, but you are thinking as a body, because the body is determining the outcome based on a feeling. So the person can’t think any other way than the way they are feeling. SO when it happens – it’s the mind that’s the servant to the body and not the body to the mind. That would mean a person can live up to only their genetic codes and nothing new will ever happen.

And that is not true – because you can stop the autonomic programme and rewire your brain to restructure your whole personality. The brain starts to reorganise itself. You can actually change the circuits of your brain by thinking about it.

We have experienced

  • that if you want to break this cycle and explore different, new possibilities for your everyday reality that there are certain factors that can help you to attain preferred results and outcomes.

These can include

  • simple things like intentions, visualisations, your diet and exercise. The most important we have found is being able to look at your day to day with a different perspective. Waking up to new pathways of thinking.

Sometimes we need help

  • to be able to get out of our habitual mode of feeling, thinking and interacting and seeing things for what they are. This is where we find that ancient supplements, practices and tools for mindfulness can be the key to unlock true change.

Waking up mind and body to new imprints and new connections of thinking can make all the difference in how you experience joyfulness, success and delightenment in the NOW.

To remember…
We are NOT the Code, we are the Writers of the Code

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