Acknowledging the Quantum Nature of Being Human

"By accessing Quantum Consciousness one has access to Information in the Quantum Field and can design one's Future with Mindful Intentionality."

The Unfolding of Being has to be understood by a basic analog relation between the “Conscious Being” and the “Quantum Being”. In short, we are a Conscious Being and a Quantum Being, where sometimes we behave as particles and sometimes like Waves of Limitless Possibilities.

The Split Particle Theory applied to the Human Being

The Unfolding of Being and the Unfoldment of Time
The Hyperincursive Neuron and the Paradoxal Dream to access the Quantum Consciousness
Flip Flop Memory
Bending Time
Time Lines
Nexus Point

The Human Being’s Quantum Condition

"The Human Being’s Quantum nature allows one to access the Quantum Consciousness"

At the end of the XXth Century we became aware that Space was not empty and that it has Non-Luminous Matter and Non-Luminous Energy. Perhaps better known as Dark Matter and Dark Energy.

Later it was found that there is a “Dark Force” within this Dark Energy. Continuing on this we became aware of a “Dark Fluid”, where Dark Energy, Dark Matter and Dark Force are one.

In short we know that at the Macro level and the Micro level the same laws apply. The Unified Field of everything shares the same essence and nature, a Wave function of limitless possibilities and intelligent information. And that Matter is empty by nature.

Finding out that Dark Fluid make up 95% of the universe, we conclude that only 5% is visible matter. Also, scientists know that the chemical elements in water, hydrogen and oxygen, are some of the most abundant elements in the universe. Now if we apply the same laws that rule the Macro and the Micro to that of a human being, we then know that when we look at ourselves in the mirror, we will realise that what we see is only 5% of who we Authentically are! And that 70% of that 5% of visible matter of who we are, is water.

It is time to focus our attention on the “Human Being’s Quantum Condition” and how we can access the “dark" 95% that is there, allowing us to recognise it as the Nature of how things come into happening!

There is a field of work that we need to in-curse that is related to the 95% of our DNA that scientist do not know the purpose for. Some suggest that our abilities, potentials as well as inspirations etc. comes from this 95% of “Phantom DNA”.

We believe that we can access our abilities and put them into practice, by means of skilful methods and natural neurotransmitters that will trigger the Phantom DNA, and access all of that information. In that way, we can develop our potential and ability to design our future.

The Split Particle Wave Theory applied to the Quantum Being

"When we apply Quantum Physics to the Human Condition, we can in short, sometimes behave as a composite of particles, and sometimes as a Wave Function."

If we take into consideration that from the 5% of our perceivable matter doing the daily work, 70% is water, we may be able to deduce that we are possibly Waves of Limitless Possibilities, Abilities and Potentials, full of Intelligent Information.

So when we are able to access our Ocean of Conscious Being, time can be perceived in a different way. Where Past, Present and Future happen simultaneously.

“As when the wave is breaking, the foam, and the canvas building up, all happen simultaneously.”

It is inside the wave barrel where Kinetic Energy is being transformed into Potential Energy. Surfing that transformation is like being in a dream, and it feels as if one’s perception of linear time is different from one’s “conscious time”. In this “Quantum Multi-Consciousness”, we can access the “Time Flow” and affect the Past, Present and Future.

These kinds of above mentioned events can happen when one is exposed to a Nexus Point in time. It can happen where time lines collide and the different possible scenarios are perceived due to “Cognitive Recalibration” of these alternative results. One can then choose among these timelines the one that fits with the current Mindful Intention.

Unfolding of Being and Unfoldment of Time

“Sometimes we behave like Particles and sometimes we behave like waves”

The Unfolding of Being has to be understood by a basic analog relation between the “Conscious Being” and the “Quantum Being”. In short, we are a Conscious Being and a Quantum Being, where sometimes we behave as particles and sometimes like Waves of Limitless Possibilities.

Between both “Beings” there is an exchange of Information that helps us anticipate the Present, and this is possible, due to the “Memory of the Future”. In Physics this is called Hyper Incursion.

The Quantum Consciousness can access limitless Quantum Time Lines and even affect the current “Reality” and create different Potential Futures. The Unfolding of Being can also explain the Unfoldment of Time; meaning that we have two different “times” at the same moment.

An example is the movie Inception (which everyone think they understood). In the movie the time on the different levels of the dream were completely different from “real/conscious time”. During a dream we feel and think that hours have passed, but when we wake up, it was only 5 minutes in “real/conscious time”.

As in comparison with dreamtime explained above, it may be one second in “Conscious Time” and maybe thousands of seconds in “Quantum Time”, imperceptible. Where we can create things, and experience different scenarios, which we can then bring forth to the “Conscious Time”.

So how does this work?

Usually this is like an instantaneous synthesis of an analysis that has been done in another time, even if we can’t remember doing it - meaning that it happens in automatic.

In every Present Instant there is an imperceptible time, called the “Time Gap”, where the Potential Future is fabricated, then memorised and realised in the actual real time - “Conscious time”. (Please note we are not here to debate the reality or existence of Time, just referring to the time we experience day by day.)

The Memory that brings about the result of the hyper-incursion, is called; “Flip Flop Memory”.

Bending Time then is when we knowingly create and design our Future on a constant basis. Being able to avoid wrong choices that would lead to events that have no meaning or result.

Understanding the Duality of Matter - "From Analog to Digital"

“A particle can be at the same time corpuscular (Body) and a Wave (Energy)”

We are Body and Energy, and capable of searching information at wave velocity where the Body or corpuscular is the “Conscious Being” and the Wave Being is the “Quantum Being”, the one that experiences the Hyper incursion. This is possible because we have “Hyperincursive Neurons”.

The Hyperincursive Neuron and the Paradoxal Dream

The Hyperincursive neurons and its neuronet of hyperincursive qualities activate the Flip Flop Memory. Flip Flop Memory is the memory that recalls back into Conscious Time the best optimal result for the future event.

This then brings us to the “Paradoxal Dream”. When we are at our deepest sleep is when our cerebral activity is at its highest and when the exchange between the energy body and the corpuscular happens. It is because of this exchange that it is possible to arrange the future that we have created during the day causing a transformation of the memory the next day.

The exchange is done through the water in the body. It is this same exchange of information that is constantly happening that creates our survival instinct and intuition. This is by process of Hyper-incursion.

Intention during the Paradoxal Dream and How to Do it

The Power of Intent is most important to create your future. It is crucial that before you go to sleep, that you have goals and the objectives you are looking to achieve or acknowledge very clear.

Intention has to be Mindful and include everyone.

It will require you to visualise the success of the event or idea, the steps to get there and then you just rest, sleep and let go so that the Hyperincursive Neuronet does its work. If the mind is too busy it may help to repeat the rainbow syllables mantra E A I U O M Z in order to fall asleep.

“Its an alternative time line version of You. One can experience two or more different time lines when one is exposed to a Nexus Point in the time flow when you were in the Quantum Field. A Nexus Point is an event in time of such importance that it gives rise to a vastly different future” 

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