How to reach your full potential

” I’m trying to free your mind, Neo. But I can only show you the door. You’re the one that has to walk through it “ – Morpheus

We believe in the Intuitive Order inside each of us.  We need to find the conditions to access this order that has always been there.  This means that we need to find the Intuitive Balance within. To do this, body and mind need to be in a basic chemical balance (appropriate nutrition, focus and exercise) so that we can evolve closer to our true being.

In order to train our bio suits to recognize our own inherent order and the superhero within, we have found that we need to change our conceptual way of being and thinking, as well as to change old tendencies that we may have that can get in the way of making a success of our own dreams.

With this in mind we have developed our different Programs to assist body, speech and mind in the art of evolution to reach our full potential.  The programs include the use of Organic Intelligence and Superfoods, as well as recommended Skilful Methods and techniques.

We are trying to build a new neural-network (understanding) in order to create a platform from which we can intend a reality of everything is possible.  We want to be able to function at our optimal potential, have physical and mental energy, balance, stamina, focus, creative inspiration and quality of life.  So the main intention of these programs is to aid us in finding our untapped potential and to utilize these abilities optimally.

It is important to realise that our brains are constantly changing via the effect of our actions, thoughts and speech.  The idea that the brain is “plastic” in the sense of being changeable, adaptable, and maleable is the single most important discovery in our understanding of the human brain in the past 400 years. Any change in the brain has a major impact on anything that we do.

The mechanism of this change is neuroplasticity. Therefore if we use the feature of neuroplasticity in an aware and mindful way, then we can direct these changes to bring about the skills, perspective and abilities that we want. Such a process is called ‘directed neuroplasticity’.

We have found that in general for these kinds of changes to occur, a minimum of 3 months are needed as we need a lot of repetition to stimulate the formation of new neural-networks and pathways. In total this process of building a new, preferred neural network can take up to 9 months, as it takes 9 months for all the cells in our bodies to be replaced by new ones.

We try and aid this change with specific allnatural supplements, foods and ancient methods, that have been proven to assist one in this process.


1. IQ Program
This is a good place to start with our intention towards mindfulness in everyday life. It is a one month program that will lay the basis for bringing balance back to body and mind.

2. Genium Program (Part 1, Part 2 & Part 3)
This Program can be broken down into 3 parts as described below.

With this 9 month program we believe that you will have the basic tools needed to strategize to reach your full potential. We hope that you would have developed that mindful, aware part of yourself that communicates with the needs of your own body and mind.

With “directed neuroplasticity,” we can deliver calculated sequences of input, and/or specific repetitive patterns of stimulation (Entrainment), to cause desirable and specific changes in the brain. Entirely new functions can even, perhaps, be gained. Your body will be in balance and you will have realized what you need and where and when you need it most.

Neurons that fire together, wire together. Think positive thoughts and THINK BIG!!!

The Genium Program Part 1
Optimum tablets creates the base from which we can build our neural-net.

APU Power Superfoods Smoothie Mix and Maca Supreme are taken in the morning with Optimum. Continuum is taken in the evenings. This builds the first 33% and will form a base for the work we will do with our body and mind.

The Genium Program Part 2
Now with Equilibrium™ we create natural order within and start teaching our cells to produce their own hordenine. Equilibrium™ serves to sharpen the awareness and it affirms the base neural-net that we generated in months 1-3. Dosage and directions are the same as months 1-3 substituting Equilibrium™ for Optimum™.

The Genium Program Part 3
In this phase we polish the neural-net that we have carefully cultivated in months 1-6. A refining of the neural connections takes place and a memory of other phases begins to surface. Here we begin to teach the bio-suit to recognise the blueprint of our underlying intuitive order within and we start with the practice of the Art of Evolution. It is time to release your inner Genius!!

The Complete Genium Program

  • 9 x 250g APU Power
  • 6 x 250g Maca Supreme
  • 2 x Optimum 100 tablet jars
  • 9 x Continuum 100 tablet jars
  • 2 x Equilibrium 100 tablet jars
  • 2 x Genium 100 tablet jars
  • (3 x Cactus concentrates 50ml and 3 x Continuum concentrates 50ml optional)



Full information on how to take the superfoods and supplements, as well a training/exercise videos, music and Ikaros will be sent with your pack on an USB stick (different information for different programs).

1. Food Supplements
Maca Supreme & Apu Power
(see for more information)

  • Optimum™ Tablets
  • Continuum™ Tablets
  • Equilibrium™ Tablets
  • Genium™ Tablets
  • The Cactus concentrate (depending on which liquid is available) and Continuum concentrate (both optional, but advised).

2. Exercise for Carburation – Training for body
All our supplements and software require carburation (exercise). It is therefore most important to find time to create a routine a few times a week for exercising.

3. Reading of – Training for speech and mind
Think of this activity as “Kung Fu for the mind”. The aim is to create Wisdom Awareness and we will suggest some reading to train and to challenge your way of thinking. We have basic to advanced material available.

4. The Art of Focus (we suggest various methods)

5. The Art of Observation – Rainbow Entrainment Practice.

6. Practice Mindfulness – Observe your tendencies.

7. Sundays – Take a rest and ingest none.

We have underestimated what our brains can do and we need to reassess this as soon as possible and broaden our experience and field of possibilities.

Organic Intelligence

The Organic Intelligence range of products is a unique collection of supplements that are full of organic Information.
We use it with preventative action and evolution in mind.
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